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November 4, 2010
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Halloween 2010 by Darkf0rgd Halloween 2010 by Darkf0rgd
This was my Costume this year. Started it back in Feb. and Finished it on the 28th of Oct. It won 1st in a costume contest held in Richmond! Had a lot of help from different people from advice to painting b/c of time crunch. Thanks all!

This Predator was a blend of different concepts and was a paaaaain.

Everything I fabricated myself EXCEPT the gloves which were a re-paint from store bought gloves from target ...and the muscle skin which was a re-paint/latex of the Mr. Incred outfit.

Of course I did all the painting and detailing. Made the armor from 3/8ths foamie foam and used Hammered Grey to color. You can't see the copper accents on it.

The gauntlets were made from a mix of cushion foam , All Extra Detergent bottles (for shape...worked shockingly well) and left over Siding from my shed.

The bomb gauntlet Did have flashing LEDs set behind the screens and the blade gauntlet did extend , but had to manually retract.

The face was made From Scratch out of cushion foam and hot glue. That was one of the hardest parts! 1 layer of latex over the foam and the dreads were made from back-rod.

The dread beads which you can barely see was PVC pipe cut.

Over all this costume probably ran me 400 roughly to make / color / latex . I did use random things I had around the house.

EXP: The shoulder cannon is made from foam scraps , paper-towel roll , a hand soap hand pump (to allow it to turn left to right ) and cardboard!
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Aspergerian-Mind Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010
Well the jaws are too big and the head is to small is the only real complaint, well a minor one counting that at places it obviously looks like cloth than skin, this a real amatuer accomplishment.
aside from those professionals where, besides their obvious talent, you wonder where they have the time and material

No doubt that face would be difficult. It was that "Ugly MotherF***ker" face that sold the audience, and you have to acheive that same success yourself.

As good as I could ever do. Nah, better than what I could ever do myself.
Darkf0rgd Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah i know the head sizes are wrong but Using just regular foam and well...this being my first and only attempt at making anything. Yeah the latex skin didn't go white as well as i'd like. ...but either way It accomplished what I wanted at a fraction of the cost of ordering the good parts from people. Appreciate your comments!!!
ering Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
no your not talented at nonsense ! This is awesome , way cool and then some !
Darkf0rgd Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah but its one of those further away. Doesn't have 'fine detail' and thats why there are no closeup shots of the gear i made.
DerristhinoSavior Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulation :D

And thats scary :omg:
Darkf0rgd Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
RakaiThwei Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Nice costume!
Darkf0rgd Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Appreciate it!
AryVeldfire Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
:wow: Awesome costume!!
I dressed up as the same thing this year too! :D Of course, it's definitely not as good as yours, since I only had two days to make it. ^^;
Darkf0rgd Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Where are your pics of it?!? I demand pics...please?
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